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I had a good experience. Joanne was very patient with me and gave easy driving techniques.
Barin D
Great teacher!
I passed on my first try today and I 100% have Joanne to thank for it. I cannot say enough good things about her. I am orgionally from the US and had my licence there, but I have been living in the London for 13 years having not driven at all. As a result I needed to build my confidence back up and also break a lot of the bad habits! Joanne is the ideal combination of kind, patient and firm. She will pull you up on every mistake and make sure you learn from it, but she will do so in a compassionate way so you don’t get discouraged. She is also friendly and someone you can chat with so that your lessons are enjoyable as much as they are productive.10/10 thank you again Joanne!
Courtney H
Can’t recommend her high enough!
She was a lovely lady, very calm and considerate. Im lucky to have had her as my driving instructor as she taught me and made me very confident with my driving. I passed my driving test on my 1st attempt all thanks to her.
Joanne my driving instructor
I passed the first time!!! Joanne is an amazing teacher. She is patient , professional and just a wonderful human being. Thank you for everything.
Amazing Instructor!!!
I am so lucky to have Joanne. being my instructor after I was fed up of by a harsh instructor. Joanne is a patient and a professional instructor. She never yell at me or lose patience when I kept committing errors. I am quite a stubborn person to change my bad habits but Joanne will use various methods to help me understand the skill and technique to improve my driving performance. An example is: I was very weak at parallel parking even though I have learnt 40 hours with the 1st instructor but I still fail to do it during my 1st attempt driving test. When I met Joanne for thee first time, she taught me how to do the parallel parking and I was immediately able to do so. That’s so amazing, Joanne is brilliant! I highly recommend Joanne to all candidates without hesitation. Without joanne, I cannot pass my driving test yesterday. Thank you for everything she helps me to prepare for my driving test.
The best instructor I ever have is Joanne
It’s such a pleasure having Joanne as my instructor. She has encouraged means built my confidence, and has a lot of patience whilst teaching me to perfect my technique and manoeuvres. Couldn’t recommend her more.
I passed first go
So excited that I passed my test 1st time yesterday in Wanstead and it was all thanks to Joanne. Ive only been doing lessons for a few months and she was able to teach me so much in that time, she’s patient and so helpful. She’s given me so much confidence with driving, especially with my manoeuvres and roundabouts. Will definitely be Recommending to my friends and family. Thank you Joanne.
Best Instructor
Would recommend automatic driving lessons with Joanne! She is very friendly, patient and explains everything clearly so you can understand easily. She helped me gain a lot of confidence with driving and I was able to pass my test in Chingford first time.
Great Instructor
Joanne was my instructor and she was absolutely amazing. She helped me so much with my manoeuvres, and roundabouts in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much with motivating me and working around my times and days (and putting up with my drama)
I had the best lessons
She is so good! She is a patient driving instructor, especially good if you are a nervous/anxious driver. I will be recommending her to everyone I can
One of the best driving instructors
I can’t praise joanne higher, she’s patient, calm. An excellent driving instructor. I passed first time in an automatic car.
Excellent Driving Instructing
True to the business name I was able to pass on the first try. Joanna is a great driving instructor who helped me pass in such a short time.
First pass
Joanne is an absolutely amazing driving instructor, she has been so patient with me and gave me the confidence to drive and she never gave up on me and always pushed me to do as best as I can. I highly recommend her. She’s brilliant. Thank you so much for helping me pass my test.
Improved so much in every aspect while being with 1st pass Automatic Driving school. I would recommend to anyone who trying to do an automatic driving test
Joanne has developed a meticulous driving program for her lessons for her learners. Her lessons are sure to equip any young driver while her refresher course will give any old timer the confidence needed to handle Andy road challenges
A Great Driving program
Definitely recommend any learner to be learned by Joanne. Such a brilliant instructor, takes all her time to teach you step by step, she is very calm and very respectful. I started with her feeling nervous she made me feel extremely comfortable and safe and she has helped mess much and really made me improve throughout the time I was with her! Thank you for everything Joanne.
Driver review
Absolutley an amazing instructor, she is very patient and easygoing. I have learnt so much over the few months with her dedicated teaching and continuous hard work.
Fantastic 10/10